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ERS Awayday to Frensham for Nick's Knots

Five Emsworth chaps toddled off to Frensham Pond in Surrey yesterday, to compete in the Nick's Knots One Metre Open event.

[for those unfamiliar with Frensham, its a lovely venue when the wind blows from the north or east of....]

As two were primary members of Frensham, on this specific occasion they have to be seen as such and discounted from the ERS team.

That left John Galyer, shaking down his brand spanking new K2, Martin WIlson and Chris Treagust to up hold our honours. Chris was sailing his 'new' boat. That is, new to him as it was built some few years ago, but clearly still competitive.

From the results, its clearly no mean performer as Chris managed a very creditable third place against the slightly hard to beat Nigel Barrow, who had clearly recovered from Poole and sailing in good form.

Paul Tickner 'chased' Nigel home for P2 with Martin Wilson rounding out the top five.

Much admiration must be heaped on all the entrants just for surviving 16 races - that requires special effort.

Thanks to Martin for sending me the results before the fish and chip shop* opens.

*Yesterdays News for those unfamiliar or too young to remember when Fish and chips were wrapped in newspaper



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