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The DF 95 De Quincey Cup - Saturday 6th April at The Round Pond, Kensington Gardens

Updated: Apr 2

It has to be said that the grand sounding name of this trophy is reminiscent of years gone by and could possibly be considered as Radio Sailing's version of 'ye auld mug' ? ... OK..maybe not then? Last year it was campaigned for by just 3 teams of Ten Raters

If you are interested you can read more about these large RC yachts class Here

Anyway, I digress. If you are free on the day and fancy a mini-adventure why not join in and support your ERS Team of three plucky DF95 sailing Amigo's in their quest for podium glory?

As one of the nine Met and Southern District Teams that have confirmed their entries, we need all the cheer leaders we can get. (I have two spaces available in my car if any would like a car share)

The Venue

The  London Model Yacht Club the oldest model yacht club in the country est 1876, are hosting this event at their club's home sailing venue The Round Pond in Kensington Gardens.

I thoroughly recommend clicking the above link to the LMYC website and reading about their history, a fascinating story of 'influence' based survival.

Its a gorgeous looking sailing venue and I have been assured that the visiting Egyptian duck seen opposite will have left by the time we arrive. It looks pretty lonely, possibly because there haven't been any others for a good few years.

The Emsworth Radio Sailing Team

The ERS DF95 team will be Captained by Adrian Rowe seen here (left) in one of his finer moments, along with Dave Cockerill and Simon Dwyer following their own winning achievements.

The De Quincey Cup

This is what they are racing for. The trophy, retaining an understated elegance befitting its title, part of which can be seen opposite.

The top half is much nicer, but you will have to wait to see a picture of the whole will require a little more patience.... possibly after the event when more pictures can be taken of the whole cabouche.

The question is, can we win it off Datchet, the current holders? Well they won it last year, but they were sailing Ten Raters. They'll be a bit more competition this year with the DF's ... so we must be in with a shout then.

Do we want to win it may be a more pertinent question.

Whose living room will it adorn, Adrian? I hope you have plenty of silver polish...



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