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Follow the 'Emsworth Boys' racing in the IOM Nationals Poole 4/5/6 May Bank Holiday W/E

Wow - Five of our top sailors join 73 others entering the International One Metre Class National Race Event, this year being held at Poole Park, Poole.

Identified by their boats below clockwise from top left: Dave Cockerill, Martin Wilson, Malcolm Stewart, Hugh Watson and Steve Cockerill

For those who not familiar with Poole park, its a lovely racing venue - guaranteed sunshine and westerly winds, no water level issues that i am aware of and friendly.

Wishing them all every success, we'll do our best to keep you posted with how they are getting on. Our resident staff photographer and roving gossiper reporter or his assistant hope to spend one day at Poole, selflessly exposing themselves to the rigours of the Bank holiday traffic on the A31.

As a bonus - up-to-date spy shots of the 'Post Punk' will feature in the reports, assuming it is present at the races. N.B. The sail number 42 which it carries, bears no relationship to the same number carried by an Alioth at Emsworth.



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