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Monday morning Practice session

Training Resources


Rules and tactics  by John Ball

Radio Sailing under the RRS 2021 - 2024.


The Definitions - For beginners – Racing 101 – Some sailing terms explained

Starts How to get a better start

Rule 18 and the Weather Mark How to gain (or not lose) places at a busy mark rounding


Weather Mark - the 'dreaded' Marks to Stbd

Hailing and other rules

Rule 18 and the Downwind Gate Go left or go right?

Tactical Roundings and Proper Course at a Downwind Mark

The Finish Getting to the line, and after - your race is not over yet

The Protest How and when to protest, and what happens in the hearing

Third Party Protests and Racing with Observers

Proper Course Proper Course vs ROW vs Mark Room

The Penalty Turn- a look at when and how to take a penalty

Appendix - a collection of short items

A. How to create diagrams - for adding questions to the RRS forum

B. Mark Room and Depth Perception - When things go wrong!    

C. When is 'Tacking too close' too close?

 Additional references to the RRS and Radio sailing call book available HERE
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