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Racing with Confidence and Panache

The Corinthians group run a series of races on Wednesday mornings solely for International One Metre (IOM) boats, skippered by those who like model boat sailing for pleasurable competition.


A sense of humour when things go awry is good for one’s health and therefore encouraged. Getting hot under the collar is bad for ones health …say no more.

Because it is all about fun, albeit competitive fun.

Catering for a wide range and age of IOM boats from the early 2000s to the present, handicap starts may be implemented by the PRO at short notice and solely at his discretion, dependent upon the boat types sailing and the ranking of their skippers. The equivalent of a levelling up procedure if you like….

Simple guidelines for all participants:


All IOM class boats should comply with the One Metre Class Association rules. The most important of which are:


Other guidelines for maximum enjoyment are

  • Competitors must be current paid up members of the Emsworth Radio Sailing organisation.

  • Excessive shouting or participant abuse which runs contrary to the Corinthians ethics will not be tolerated and the PRO may report these to the ERS management committee.

  • The “Racing Rules of Sailing” is the principal guide to competitor and boat behaviour.


There are no series or overall winners. There are no series or overall prizes.

Enjoyment and fun is the essence

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