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IOM European 2023 Championships Torrevieja Spain October 8-13th

Following management changes in IOMICA ( IOM International Class Association ) around this time last year, things are beginning to stir back into life. A sparkle has appeared on the IOMICA website IOMICA | International One Metre International Class Association ( re-invigorated with useful class and activity information on it, all topped off with some lovely pictures.

But I digress... A date for your Calendar perhaps?

The main point of this post is to alert our IOM skippers to the European One Metre Championships being held with in easy? access for us on the Costa Blanca during second week in October 2023.

The sun will shine, the wind blow fair ( you can see that in the picture) and the Sangria will flow, so what's not to like - so if you fancy going you now have plenty of time to plan the trip.



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