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H-P Trophy, Bosun and News Letter Editor

Hanky Panky Trophy. Due to a cancellation we now have one vacancy for the H-P trophy event. Anyone who fancies their chances to be the custodian of the prestigious Silver Quaich should submit their entry HERE without delay.

Bosun. Fantastic news- Chris Lawrence has agreed to take on the role of Bosun to ensure our race kit and the mark laying boat are kept up to scratch. Its important to say from the outset, that this means he will be in need of handy people to assist him. With the increase in sailing everyone needs to play their part in looking after the kit, putting it away carefully and tidily after use, and reporting problems before they become failures.

For the time being please use this email: and be precise about the nature of the defect.

News Letter Editor.

Famous for his flamboyant sailing style, as captured opposite, Simon Dwyer is delighted to take on this communications role.

Please support him by filling his email box with funny stories, interesting photos and general interest information such as sail GP etc. together with gossip from all corners of Emsworth Radio sailing.



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