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IOM European Championship Grandmasters for the over 64's - aka Old Gits Trophy

IOM European Championship Grand masters trophy
Grand masters trophy

These are Nigel Barrow’s words about the trophy he won at the close of the European IOM championships held in Torrevieja Spain this week. (See our Website home page for results and video’s of the races)

Otherwise known as the Grand Masters trophy for the over 64’s it’s a great achievement.

Whilst you can read all about the event following the link from the ERS home page, its worth noting that Zvonko Jelacic won the event with SailBoat RC's Viss Proto, the prototype version of the updated Kantun S. Of the following 9 places five were taken by Venti, one V11, a sedici and an Alioth.....

For those of you with a disposition for IOM hull design, here is a scoop.

The winning IOM boat on sale mid 2024
Zvonko Jelacic with Viss Proto

Frist pictures of the Viss Proto aka KantunS mk2 are now emerging from the Croatian manufacturers.

Take a closer look at the high gunwales - what does that remind you of?

Due for launch in mid 2024. and this is the final word for Nigel:

"We are not open water sailors. We spend too much time racing on small ponds. This kind of sailing is all new to me. If we don’t practice in similar conditions we will not catch up with the guys who are racing as a team. Eg French, Croatians, Italians etc. there is quite a bit of innovation that we have been blind to and Olivier’s Venti is very quick"

Food for thought....



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