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DF95 Nationals - Poole September 8-10th '23

Final results of the DF95 nationals can be seen here for those who haven't seen them. As for last months the IOM nationals results I have highlighted the finishing places of the three ERS members who braved the journey west to Poole on what was a warm weekend, to save you time groping through the list.

By all accounts Nigel barrow was sidelined by a persistent issue after just four of the 11 races, and his finishing place is a reflection of that.

Richard Calas finished just ahead of him in P29 with Simon Fairman just squeezing into the top half of the fleet in P25. Well done to all.

I imagine that a full race result will be published by the DF RA at some point in the future. If anyone comes across it, please let me know [ ] and i'll post it for all to read.



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