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Ancient Mariner Race Results

1st Place Simon Dwyer

The 2023 Ancient Mariner competion winner Simon Dwyer

On Wednesday 21st June, glorious sunshine, a steady 15 knot southerly greeted 10 intrepid IOM sailors all keen to win this coveted title. In this instance, 'the word 'Ancient' should be read as a euphamism for 'Highly Skilled'.

In combination with Colin and JG’s racing antics the morning turned out to be very special, and great fun.

The events were such a mix that all ten sailors found some quite challenging.

However, notable stand-outs were Denis Spencer the only skipper to manage to get his boat to go astern... but only when he wasn’t looking!

The Dizzy Race was a totally new concept. Many skippers realized quickly how it got it’s name and the effect it could have on steering a decent course.


John Galyer (PRO) and Colin Gordon (ARO) did a marvellous job (as was to be expected) and mention has to be made of the supercomputing capabilities of Paul Davies ably assisted by Sophie Hull, in calculation the results.

Congratulations to Simon for taking event honours.

Good exercise for each of the skippers taking their boat to launch at the pontoon, then retrieving it only to be followed again by a trip down to the pontoon to re-launch it, caused some to say “More exercise this morning than I usually get all week”.

Some left the site a lot fitter than they arrived and all with Cheshire cat smiles after such an enjoyable time.

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